In April 2006 the Scottish Maritime Museum was holding a family weekend function to which a number of local clubs and organisations were invited . The Irvine model club laid on a static display of 30 or more models and also demonstrated some models in the small pond in the Linthouse building. The club were very impressed with the museum’s attitude and a good relationship began to form. We started sailing models regularly in the museum pond and would allow other visitors to the museum operate our boats. In the interest of reducing damage to our models we started building some specialised models for use by the public to replace the few “toy” boats which the museum had. Over the years we developed some very tough little models which now can stand up to some fairly rough handling. The club has donated these to the Museum and also maintains them. we try to man the pond on all occasions when School Groups , Out of School Playgroups etc. are visiting and for any other occasions or functions requested by the Museum. Most Monday afternoons a few of our members can be found testing models, repairing the museums mini fleet or just sitting around the pond helping to entertain any visitors.(and drinking the Museum’s coffee)

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